Auto Insurance: Shopping for a Safe Car in Michigan

Auto Insurance: Shopping for a Safe Car in MichiganWhen purchasing a car, safety is a top priority issue for consumers. While all cars on the market meet federal safety standards, consumers typically want to know they are protected beyond the minimum standards. And based on research certain cars rank higher than others in safety tests. The Insurance Information Institute compiled a list of tips and important features to keep in mind when shopping for a safe car.

  • Crashworthiness; Features that reduce the risk of death or serious injury when a crash occurs.
  • Vehicle structural design; A good structural design should have a strong occupant compartment, with front and rear ends designed to buckle and bend in order to absorb the force of a crash- they are designed to keep damage away from the safety cage.
  • Vehicle size and weight– Larger vehicles tend to be much safer for occupants.
  • Restraint systems; The belt webbing of shoulder belts is stored on the reel. During a frontal crash any slack in the webbing allows forward movement, potentially causing you to strike the steering wheel or dashboard. Some cars have addressed this with belt crash tensioners that activate early to reel in belt slack and prevent that forward movement.
  • Anti-lock brakes; Anti-lock brakes pump brakes automatically to prevent lockup and allow you to keep control of your car.
  • Daytime running lights; These are typically high beam headlights that are at a reduced intensity- these daytime lights can make a vehicle more visible to oncoming traffic and help prevent daytime accidents
  • On the road experience; Design characteristics can influence injury risk. Some vehicles are prone to flip over, or sport vehicles tempt owners to drive faster, increasing injury risks. These are design characteristics you want to factor into your decision.

These are just a few of the features and components to keep in mind when shopping for a car. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety compiled a list of Top Safety Picks for 2011, spanning from large family cars to pickups and mini cars. The results were compiled from a long list of research and the results are vehicles that reduce crash risk by helping drivers to maintain control of their vehicles during emergency maneuvers.

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