Construction Insurance: Green Jobs Promise Growth

Construction Insurance: Green Jobs Promise Growth

Green jobs are surging in to ease concerns about a growing shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry.

According to a new SmartMarketReport from McGraw-Hill Construction (“Construction Industry Workforce Shortages: Role of Certification, Training and Green Jobs in Filling the Gaps”), a large portion of the construction industry is concerned about a worker shortage.

Many skilled workers have left the industry as a result of the economic downturn, aging workforce, and an insufficient pipeline of younger workers according to the AIA 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition in Washington DC. The study revealed that 69% of architects, engineers and contractor professionals expected skilled workforce shortages in the next three years. 49% of the general contractors are concerned about finding skilled craft workers by 2017.

Green jobs represent a shift in the industry and assuage worker shortage concerns. The McGraw-Hill Construction survey found that 35% of architects, engineers and contractors report having green jobs today. The survey defines “green jobs” as those involving more than 50% work on green projects, which meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or other credible green building certification programs.

Skilled green workers are even more in demand- 86% of architects and engineers and 91% of contractors are finding too few green skilled employees. Many are hoping the high demand will help draw more young professionals into the industry, many whom claim a strong attachment to sustainability. Furthermore, the benefit of green buildings is substantial; having positive impacts on job creation, financial returns, and can positively impact job creation.

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