Holiday Prep Tips for Your Home

The holidays are just around he corner, and that means the influx of holiday guests will soon begin. This creates higher risk situations within your home. While you want to make sure you are protected with the best Michigan Homeowners Insurance, this is the time to make sure that your home is well prepared for the holidays with just a few simple tips.


The safety of your guests should be your biggest priority. Avoid liability risks by making sure that all lighting is in good working order and that spaces are illuminated for guests who don’t know their way around. Be sure that smoke detectors have fresh batteries and that all guests know how to exit the house in the event that a fire does occur. If there are going to be little ones around, make sure that all hazardous materials are put away and out of reach. Consider baby gates and cabinet locks, though you should feel comfortable asking the parents to provide some child proofing help.


The day before guests arrive is not the time to start to clean and organize living spaces for them. Allow yourself time to clear out spare rooms, clean linens that may be used and clean and declutter public spaces such as bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms and yards.


The kitchen is the center of any holiday meal. Clean up all clutter from counters so that there is no fighting for space once the cooking begins. Consider setting up a coffee station in the dining or living rooms to help reduce crowding. Be sure to have a few stools for guests to sit out of the way and chat if you enjoy visiting while cooking.

Once your home is properly safeguarded for the onslaught of holiday guests it is time to decorate and make the place as festive and inviting as you desire. If houseguests are coming early enough in the season you may even want to consider leaving a few little items for children to ‘help decorate with’.

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