Is Your Michigan Brewers Insurance Program Complete?

Is Your Michigan Brewers Insurance Program Complete?Michigan Brewers faces a number of unique risk, loss, and liability exposures that correlate to their agricultural roots and food processing nature. Breweries are a specialty food-goods manufacturer with a unique combination of challenges, risk and liability exposures, as a result they have very diverse business insurance needs that go far beyond the basic property, liability and worker’s compensation coverage needs of other local businesses.

To combat these various additional risk exposures that Michigan brewers face, here are a few coverage inclusions that no Michigan Brewers Insurance program should be without.

  • Spoilage coverage– Spoilage is a terrible threat to any food-good or beverage producer, even breweries. Whether spoilage affects the final product or the raw ingredients used in the brewing process, the results can be costly to clean-up and recover from for any winery. Spoilage coverage is designed to help minimize financial losses that originate from product contamination or goods spoilage.
  • Product Recall– Look no further than the recent Blue Bell Creameries recall for an example of just how problematic contamination and product recalls can be. A product recall can be huge undertaking and setback for any Michigan microbrewery. The ramifications can include production stalls to loss of consumer rapport, not to mention the expenses of refunding consumers and retailers for the products. Product Recall insurance is designed to help Michigan Brewers mitigate these financial obligations.
  • Machinery coverage– Industrial brewing equipment is costly and requires extra protection from fire, explosion, and other perils. Machinery and Broiler coverage will all mechanical equipment, pressurized units and brewing processes.
  • Business Interruption coverage– Too many business owners fail to think about how their operation could be affected by a natural or man-made disaster, especially if stored goods, property, equipment or products are affected. Business interruption coverage can help Michigan Brewers manage the aftermath of a catastrophe by covering costs such as payroll, temporary relocation and other necessities.

At Capital Insurance Group we partner with one of the nation’s leading business insurance providers, Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company, to provide Michigan Brewers Guild Members with an attractive collection of insurance coverages that are particularly well suited to the brewing industry. Our business insurance specialist can help secure the essential coverage you and your operation need to recover from a number of loss and risk exposures, such as product contamination. To learn more about our operation and all of our Michigan business insurance solutions, call us today at (888)296-0418.