Jackson County MI Business Insurance: Cyber Security Tips

Jackson County MI Business Insurance: Cyber Security Tips

Jackson County Business Insurance: Cyber Security TipsWhen a business suffers a cyber attack, the results have the potential to be financially devastating. With a successful online attack, all of your customer’s information, credit card numbers and sensitive data are in jeopardy. That is why in today’s work environment, incorporating and practicing good cyber security habits is an absolute necessity. Here are some Jackson County Business Insurance cyber security tips to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your company. 

Manage Your Passwords

Creating a strong password is a simple yet effective tool to safeguard against possible attacks. Combining eight characters, or longer, with both uppercase letters and numbers is an absolute minimum. A strong password is also updated consistently. Changing the password every couple of months with a unique and differing phrase is a must. Being vigilant of passwords in your business reduces the chance of direct access to valuable information.

Public Wi-Fi

If your business has public Wi-Fi, make sure that your network is not readily accessible to the public so that intruders cannot obtain an access point. ABC News recently published an article highlighting how Public Wi-Fi serves as a spring board for hackers to get into the main system. Also, inform your employees that if they should not must use public Wi-Fi when transmitting valuable information.

Update Your Software

Make sure that all browsers are updated for your business. Outdated web browsers are easily exploited through vulnerable security flaws. The same applies for software used in the workplace such as Anti-Virus software and Malware Scanners. Persistent monitoring of your business software can add another layer of defense.

One successful cyber attack can leave a business severely damaged. For this reason, cyber security should be an important part of your Risk Management planning.  Capital Insurance Group understands the difficulties of running and maintaining a business. We have experienced Jackson County Business Insurance specialists ready to help you prepare for the unknown. Contact us at (888) 296-0418 to get started today.