Michigan Business: How Smartphones Interrupt the Work Environment

Michigan Business: How Smartphones interrupt the Work EnvironmentSmartphones have revolutionized the working world. They allow business owners to work on the go, accessing their email, downloading documents, collecting payments and even depositing checks all from a single device. They help keep colleagues connected; but how do they fit into the workplace?

For every business app and tool that can help you manage your business there is a game or frivolous feature to distract you. From Instagram to Angry Birds there is no shortage of entertainment on your smartphone. Many companies ban employees from going on Facebook or checking a sports score on company computers- smartphones are a way to sidestep that regulation. Here are a few tips to regulate smartphone use at work, both for you and your employees.

Be mindful. Use good judgment about when and where having your smartphone out is appropriate. Don’t text all day. Keep it on silent so others aren’t disturbed. If you need to take a personal call, go outside.  If you’re in a meeting and want to take notes on it, tell other attendees, so no one will question if you’re paying attention.

Set ground rules for its use. If you’re a business owner or manager, it’s a good idea to set general ground rules for smartphone use in the workplace. Will they be allowed in meetings? What is the protocol for it? Establish guidelines about when and where it’s appropriate for employees to utilize their smartphones.

Protect yourself. The smartphone may be yours, but you are accessing your company’s Wi-Fi network. Protect the information on your phone and make sure a PIN number is required to unlock your device. If possible, enable auto-wipe, which allows you to remotely wipe all information if the device is lost or stolen.

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