Michigan Business Insurance: There’s an App for that!

Michigan Business Insurance There's an App for that!Michigan Business Insurance: There’s an App for that!

Emerging technology and its integration in most industries has business evaluating their current marketing plan. In the digital era, social media marketing is an integral part of a business’s growth. It enables a business to reach to a bigger audience in a quicker amount of time.

Essentially, most businesses benefit from social media. However, managing social media accounts often requires a lot of time many businesses do not have. And although it’s ideal to hire a team of social media experts, many businesses do not have the budget.

The success of a social media plan surpasses the number of social media accounts created. There’s a plethora of inactive accounts created by businesses that haven’t tweeted a tweet or posted a status since day one. This type of “strategy” doesn’t harm a business, but it’s also not beneficial.

Success is dependent on how a company utilizes social media; it’s important to post and engage regularly. Common platforms such as, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus are an advantageous source of growth. Fortunately, we have access to desktop applications and mobile apps that do the job for us. Many apps offer both free and professional plans.

Social media management apps are cost efficient and free up time. If this route is applicable to your business, take a look at a few of Capital Insurance Group’s favorite apps! And as a disclaimer, some apps are exclusive to Twitter; thoroughly read its features before purchasing!

HootSuite Pro Plan:

  • Unlimited RSS Feeds
  • Google Analytics/Facebook Insights Integration
  • Unlimited Social Profiles
  • Advanced Message Scheduling

SocialOomph Professional Plan:

  • Auto Follow/ Auto DM
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk and Onlywire Features
  • Schedule and Publish Blog Posts and Pages
  • Keyword Strategy


  • Publishing and Monitoring various accounts
  • Analytics and Reporting (Google Analytics, Omniture & content effectivess analysis)
  • Workflow Organization tool

Exact Target:

  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Facebook Fan Page Publishing
  • B2B Automation
  • Campaign Analysis

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