Michigan Food Industry Insurance: Working Community Celebrations

Michigan Food Industry Insurance: Working Community Celebrations Michigan Food Industry Insurance: Working Community Celebrations

Autumn is nearly upon us and as the leaves turn colors and the air begins to crisp the harvest season draws rapidly near. Across much of the world, this time of year is celebrated with festivals, food, and community. From Oktoberfest in Munich to harvest festivals across America, these celebrations can be entertaining and help local businesses and service providers build strong community relationships.

If you are food provider looking to participating in one of these festivals, there are a few important risks to prepare for so that you can bring your goods to the hungry masses without a hitch. Here are a few things to plan ahead for:

  • Slips, Trips and Falls. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common event injuries, as patrons and vendors may trip over a variety of obstacles. From uneven pavement and curbs to stray power cords and even each other’s feet, there are countless hazards that may be encountered when working remotely in unconventional spaces. Not only can these accidents be painful, they can also be costly for employers. It is important to double check that your worker’s compensation coverage and liability coverage is written to include worker and patron injuries that occur away from your traditional business premises.
  • Property Damage. There is a fine line between having a good time and an overly rowdy crow stirring up mischief or accidentally causing damage to business property. Theft, vandalism and accidental property damage are common hazards for businesses participating in these events, especially when large crowds and alcohol are present. Weather is also a factor which could not only disrupt the festivities, but also do some serious damage to business property being utilized at an outdoor event. Damage to equipment can often be protected through your business property insurance policy, however if the festival takes you away from your business premises you may way to look into additional coverage for your portable gear.
  • Liquor Liability. Whether you’re a craft beer make selling your small batch brews or a vendor looking to cash in by serving spirits, selling and distributing alcohol is a risky business, especially in a festival environment. Vendors should be sure that their business is protected from the liability risks involved with serving alcohol by attaining a liquor liability insurance policy.

At Capital Insurance Group, we specialize in helping Michigan’s food industry mitigate all their unique risk exposures. As independent brokers, we shop around to provide you the best Michigan food industry insurance solutions possible. We can help you craft a comprehensive business insurance plan that will protect you through all your culinary endeavors. Give our specialists a call today at 888 296 0418 for more information about all our services.