Michigan Physicians Insurance: Common Liability Exposures

Michigan Physicians Insurance: Common Liability Exposures Michigan Physicians Insurance Common Liability Exposures

The allied healthcare industry is comprised of many different sectors, types of facilities and professionals, all of which face unique loss and liability exposures when it comes to professional errors, mistakes and misconduct. Regardless of a physician’s or caregiver’s specialty, professionalism, training and experience, there is always a chance that allegations of professional errors can arise. In the healthcare industry professional errors are often synonymous with medical malpractice, and these allegations can be serious and costly.  Medical malpractice and professional error law suits are increasingly common in the America, thus it is incredibly important that physicians attain the proper Michigan Medical Malpractice Insurance coverage, to protect themselves from such losses.

It is also important to understand where the most common allegations of malpractice come from. Here are a few common liability exposures that are common causes of malpractice claims:

  • Medication Errors- According to the Institute of Medicine, medication errors harm approximately 1.5 million people in the United States each year. These types of errors can occur in a variety of ways from prescription errors to the administration of medication and other pharmaceuticals. Failure to properly administer medication, administration of improper dosages, and assigning the wrong medication are some of the most common claims against medical professionals and can have devastating consequences.
  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis- Diagnosing a patient is not always easy and it can often take a while for physicians to fully understand the full scope of an ailment, injury or condition. Occasionally throughout the diagnosis process a patient can be misdiagnosed or a physician can fail to properly address and treat all symptoms and underlying conditions due to the complexity of a case. When a medical professional misdiagnoses a condition, or fails to diagnose or improperly treats a serious disease there is a chance that a patient may miss out on crucial treatment opportunities. As such, should that patient’s condition worsen or end fatally, there is a chance that the advising physician could find themselves faced with a legal battle for wrongful death, malpractice and a number of other allegations..
  • Procedural Errors- Horror stories of surgeries gone wrong where the practitioner mistakenly amputates the wrong limb or removes a fully functional organ leaving the damaged one still intact receive a lot of attention. While these cases are relatively rare, other surgical and procedural professional errors are some of the greatest liability concerns for healthcare providers. Surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologists and a number of other medical professionals can be accused of negligence before, during and after the procedure itself, as well as during the administration of post-op care. Anesthetic mistakes are particularly dangerous for both patients and healthcare providers, and even a small miscalculation or misstep by an anesthesiologist can result in permanent injury, brain damage, or even death. As such these professionals face extremely high liability risk exposures.

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