Personal Electronic Device Policies to Keep Employees Safe

Personal Electronic Device Policies to Keep Employees SafeAs employees in the wholesale and distribution industry are consistently behind the wheel commuting and handling important cargo, having a sound personal electronic device policy in place is essential to their safety. Not only will this policy protect your employees, but it will also work to get the cargo shipped safely, ultimately contributing to your bottom line. Therefore, read on to determine what should be included in a successful Personal Electronic Device (PED) policy to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Even more importantly, however, is securing the right Michigan Wholesale and Distributor Insurance Program, designed specifically to combat industry risks and mitigate loss.

The Personal Electronic Device can be categorized as any of the following:

  • Cell phones that are capable of text messaging, instant messaging, GPS navigation, social media posting, internet browsing, email, phone calls, or are capable of hosting games, radio, etc.
  • Electronics including GPS systems, laptops, tablets, cameras, or MP3 players.
  • Hands-Free headsets.

Any location where product is manufactured, repaired, loaded, unloaded, or stored should implement the PED policy. In addition, no personal electronic devices should be used in the production area. Unless an employee is on a meal period or a break, cell phones, tablets, etc. should be put away.

However, there are limitations to this policy. An employee may use PED’s on the job if they were assigned one on a work-related basis. In other words, if the employee must use a PED to do their job, then it is permitted. Or, in the event of an emergency, PED’s would be allowed to call for help.

As this is an essential line of defense to protect your employees from workplace incidents, it’s imperative that this policy is crafted and understood by everyone in the field. Therefore, each employee is required to read and sign the policy prior to starting their tasks. However, ensure any questions or concerns are discussed with a supervisor prior to signing.

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