The Importance of Food Industry Insurance

The Importance of Food Industry InsuranceThe Importance of Food Industry Insurance

From those Friday night dinner rushes to uncooperative employees, managing a restaurant can be overwhelming. The food industry is naturally a dangerous realm to be involved in; chefs may accidentally cut themselves with a knife and a guest may procure an allergic reaction. Some mishaps are controllable, however some are not. Although preventative measures can be made, it can only reduce your restaurant’s risks. This is why food industry insurance is vital to the success of your restaurant.

Take control and protect your investment from unforeseen mishaps. At Capital Insurance, their experienced agents will assist you in better identifying the risks you will face on a daily basis. The risks include, but are not limited to natural disaster, spoilage/contamination, crop failure, livestock disease, flooding, warehouse losses, shipping damages, equipment failures, and soil pollution.

If you currently have food industry insurance, ensure that you have proper coverage. Remember, you are responsible for the production and distribution of products and services.

Is your restaurant becoming increasingly profitable? Are you considering expanding to a new location? Or are you thinking about providing additional services for your guests, such as delivery? The agents at Capital Insurance strongly encourage you to ask about the new risks you may develop.

Once an uninsured mishap does occur, you do not have the option of purchasing a new insurance plan. Don’t delay in protecting yourself and your food industry business from expensive losses.

Capital Insurance Agency has developed expertise in the insurance needs of a wide range of businesses in the food industry. We’ve worked with everyone from growers and packers to manufacturers and warehousing distributors. Through that experience, we’ve learned how to help you zero in on just those coverages you need and those you don’t. Call (888.296.0418) or email us, or get your free analysis of your coverage by filling out the convenient form above and we can start your protection plan immediately.