Wayne County Business Insurance: Are You Ready for Winter?

Wayne County Business Insurance: Are You Ready for Winter? Wayne County Business Insurance Are You Ready for Winter?

With a relatively mild Autumn already underway, forecasters have begun to form more sinister expectations for the winter to come. As reported by the Insurance Information Institute, the 2014 Farmers’ Almanac predicts copious amounts of snow and rain will cover three fourths of the United States this winter. Winter storms are reportedly the third-largest cause of catastrophic losses in America, behind hurricanes and tornadoes. With nearly two billion dollars’ worth of insured losses incurred last winter, it might behoove businesses and communities to evaluate their preparedness for the risks and losses winter storms can bring.

Snowy weather is not just a hazard for homeowners; the risks of a severe winter storm for Wayne County businesses can be far more devastating. From property damage to business disruption winter storms are forces to be reckoned with. As Wayne County business owners know, winter storm can range from moderate snow fall over a few hours to blizzard conditions with blinding wind-driven snow that lasts for several days.  Many winter storms are accompanied by low temperatures which can lead to ice build ups and heavy or blowing snow which can severely reduce visibility.

When heavy winter storm conditions arrive, chances are business will slow or even halt. Roads can become unnavigable leaving shipments undelivered and supplies inaccessible. Workers are often unable to travel to and from work due to road condition and there is an increased likelihood of illness, injury and fatigue from low temperature exposure. Flooding brought by melting snow and heavy rainfall can be a costly repercussion of winter storms, causing property damage and interrupting workflow and productivity. These are just a few examples of complications brought on by a harsh winter.

Protecting Wayne County businesses against the countless hazards of a severe winter and harsh winter storms takes careful planning and risk management strategizing. At Capital Insurance Agency, we specialize in helping Wayne County businesses control losses and risk exposures by preparing for the unexpected. We offer a complete portfolio of Michigan business insurance solutions designed with local operations in mind. To learn more about any of our offerings, give our Wayne County business insurance specialists a call today at 888 296 0418.