Michigan Auto Insurance: Ford Join Ranks of Silicon Valley

Michigan Auto Insurance: Ford Join Ranks of Silicon Valley

Michigan Auto Insurance: Ford Join Ranks of Silicon Valley

Ford Motor Co. is leaving the Michigan auto industry and joining the new California gold rush of technology by opening up a new lab in Silicon Valley.

Joining the ranks of what is now technology lore where the likes of Google, HP, Ebay, Yahoo, and Oracle reside, the Silicon Valley Lab opened late June. Chairman Bill Ford Jr. discussed the new addition in a statement, reported by the Detroit News:

“We have been innovating for more than a century at Ford, but we acknowledge we don’t have a monopoly on creativity. Our new office will complement our existing research efforts by allowing us to tap into the region that has been driving consumer technology forward in recent decades.”

The new approach signifies the ever-increasing relationship between cutting-edge technology innovation and the automobile industry. Infotainment systems are now the norm in all new vehicles. Honda, Toyota, and GM are joining a growing list of automakers who are integrating Apple’s Siri voice command technology, currently found in over 3 million iPhones, into future models.

Ford isn’t the only Michigan-based automaker to set up shop in Silicon Valley. General Motors Co. operates the GM Advanced Technology Silicon Valley Office for research and technology development as well.

The goal is to present themselves as platforms that are open to new ideas and innovative technologies that can be incorporated into future vehicles. From Google’s and Cadillac’s self-driving cars to Siri’s integration into vehicles, the tech race is on in the automotive industry to continually develop and pursue the latest innovation.

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