Michigan Auto Insurance: How to Choose the Right Car for You

Michigan Auto Insurance: How to Choose the Right Car for YouMichigan Auto Insurance: How to Choose the Right Car for You

Buying a car is a huge financial decision. You want to make sure and do your research ahead of time so you make the best purchase for yourself and your family. The next most important thing is coverage. Make sure you have the proper Michigan Auto Insurance.

What kind of car do you need? We’d all like a top-of-the-line, gorgeous luxury sports car. But that dream may not fit into the reality of day-to-day life. Examining your needs rather than your wants will help you choose a car that’s right for you. How many people do you need to transport? How long is your daily commute? What type of driving do you do most often? Do you want a manual or automatic transmission? What safety features are important to you? Will you be doing any towing?

After you determine the type of car you want, budget is your next concern. It is essential to establish a realistic monthly payment that fits into your budget. A general rule of thumb, according to Edmunds.com, is your total monthly car payment shouldn’t exceed 20 percent. You should also decide whether to buy or lease your car.

Another factor to consider is long term costs. Even if one car is cheaper to buy, it might be more expensive to own. When you calculate long term ownership costs, depreciation, insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs could make one car cheaper in the long run.

Make sure to test drive the car according to your needs. Carrying a lot of cargo? Check the back storage areas. Have weekly carpool? Sit in the back seat to make sure you can accommodate everyone. Test the brakes, drive over bumps, and try the vehicle out both at stop-and-go traffic and at freeway speeds.

After you find the car for you, your research isn’t done. You want to get the best auto insurance plan possible to protect you and your family. Nobody covers the Bloomfield area (or just about anywhere in Southeast Michigan) for auto insurance like we do at Capital Insurance. We specialize in providing Michigan Auto Insurance for our clients against unforeseen damages and injuries. As independent agents, we can shop with dozens of insurers licensed to set you up with the most affordable Michigan auto insurance rates and most appropriate coverages. Contact us today for more information about our Michigan Auto Insurance programs.