Michigan Technology Insurance: Technology for Auto Industry

shutterstock_31103731Michigan Technology Insurance: Technology for Auto Industry

Although mobile technology is constantly superseding most of our expectations and demands, they have yet to be assimilated into automobiles.

During the Worldwide Developers Conference held back in June of 2012, Apple announced their new “eyes free” system. This new system is rumored to be integrated into almost a dozen cars. It functions as a virtual assistant for iPhone 4 and 5 users via Bluetooth. In November of last year, GM also announced that their Sonic and Spark vehicles would come equipped with Siri and Chevrolet’s MyLink Infotainment System as early as this year.

During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), several companies announced the future of technology and automobiles. CES illustrated what is to come in the next couple years.

Audio publicized their piloted driving system. Essentially, it’s a less functional version of Google’s autonomous vehicle. Similar to Google, Audi’s piloted driving system is capable of maneuvering a car through traffic jams and parking lots.

GM and Ford also announced that their newly developed infotainment systems would be open to developers.

Car companies were not the only businesses that announced their vehicle based devices during 2013’s CES. Garmin, a company known for its global positioning systems (GPS) explained their next infotainment concept, the K2. The K2 is a touchscreen device that displays maps and even allows its users to browse the web when the car is stopped. Texas Instrument displayed their latest infrared touch technology. The device is a projector screen that morphs to various shapes, such as your car’s dashboard. The screen displays navigation, audio features, and phone contacts.

Ideas have become discussed and concepts have become reality; 2013 CES presented what is to come in the near future.

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