Capital Insurance Group: Insuring the Technology Industry

From “Automation Alley” to “Silicon Mitten” and “Detroit Mobile City,” Southeast Michigan’s growing tech industry has earned itself an array of nicknames. We’re home to an excellent research and design culture, anchored by world-class universities, automotive giants, and tech-oriented and innovative start-ups. In fact, innovative, web 2.0 start-up companies are proliferating in a state known for our automotive and manufacturing prowess.

Technology companies include IT consulting firms, software and app designers, web development and hosting companies, data processors & manufacturers, media professional services companies, biotech firms, and others. Whatever the niche, there are complex and evolving risks that require a nimble and custom approach to address the exposures that come with owning a business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Capital Insurance Group specializes in insuring the booming technology industry in our backyard. We work with start-ups as well as established businesses, offering tailored, comprehensive and affordable insurance solutions that respond to a broad spectrum of exposures. We also assist the tech sector with its talent pool by designing employee benefits to attract and retain top engineers and others to remain competitive in a highly dynamic field. Our HR services will also help ensure you remain compliance as you grow your operation, enabling you to focus on your core competencies.

Our Insurance Solutions

We can tailor your insurance program to include commercial property policies to cover your business buildings, contents and specialty equipment. Policies can also be written to cover software and data. We also offer business interruption insurance should a covered event like a fire impede your ability to conduct business.

In addition to general liability insurance, we offer key industry-specific liability insurance products that include:

  • Technology Errors & Omissions insurance – protects against damages your business must pay as a result of an error, omission, or negligence that resulted in an financial loss, such as programming errors or improper selection, installation or configuration of network systems.
  • Cyber Liability & Network and Information Security Liability – protects against risks associated with a failure to protect the private information of others, stored in an electronic format, the inadvertent transmission of a virus, and your website or other network resource being unavailable to authorized users.
  • Communications and Media Liability – protects against suits or claims for damages as a result of unauthorized use of trademarked or copyrighted intellectual property, regardless of whether the usage was printed or electronic. Unauthorized use of advertising material or slogans and exposure from plagiarized works on your advertisements is also covered.
  • Employment Practices Liability – coverage responds to allegations of discrimination (age, gender, race), sexual harassment, wrongful termination, etc.
  • Directors & Officers Liability – protects executives and management assets as well as the firm’s in the event of allegations of wrongdoings, such as financial mismanagement, misappropriation of funds and negligence.

Our staff will review existing contracts, RFPs, contract updates, and renegotiations to determine where you may have additional liability risks that can be mitigated or transferred. This includes employee agreements, management agreements, leases, sales and acquisitions, vendor contractors, service agreements and more.

Capital Insurance also provides workers’ compensation insurance including value-added services to help ensure you are paying the right premiums, reduce potential accidents or injuries and control costs.

We’re your trusted partner.

Our 35-year history of providing superior services and professionalism has established us as a leading agency in Southeast Michigan. Our “Crain’s Detroit Business” listing of “top agencies” is testimony to our commitment to you. We also give back to the communities we serve, contributing 1% of our revenue to a number of local charities. Capital Insurance Group has the experience, expertise and passion to help protect you against the exposures you face individually and professionally. We provide a broad portfolio of personal, business, and employee benefits solutions and would like the opportunity to show you how we can make difference in the way you see insurance. Give us a call at (248) 333-2500 to discuss your specific needs.