Can Healthier Habits Reduce Your Life Insurance Costs?

Can Healthier Habits Reduce Your Life Insurance CostsIn a time when society is becoming more health conscious, with different diet and exercise programs claiming they are the best way to obtain a healthier lifestyle, the focus falls on shedding a few extra pounds or being able to fit into those high school jeans. However, did you know that a healthier lifestyle can also save you money on your Michigan Life Insurance?

Life insurance companies offer lower rates to individuals with lower risks in their daily life. This means that if you partake in certain higher risk activities such as sky diving, or scuba diving, you pay a higher premium. These same high-risk premiums apply if you have daily personal habits that are determined to be potentially harmful.

Some of these habits that can increase your insurance premiums include:

Smoking- Smoking is a huge factor in calculating your insurance premiums. Even smokeless tobacco can cause higher rates. Once you quit, you can appeal to your insurance carrier for a lower rate. They may ask for medical records to prove that you are done with the habit and that there are no smoking related medical issues when considering a decrease.

Weight- Being declared overweight by a health care provider will be reflected in your premiums. Being overweight can lead to higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and higher risks of diabetes, heart disease or stroke. Losing weight by eating better and exercising, will not only help you to feel better but can bring down your insurance premiums.

High Risk Activities- While getting out and moving is always a good lifestyle habit to have, things like mountain climbing, horseback riding, and hang gliding are on the list of riskier activities that can drive up your insurance rates. Your carrier will determine if your activities are considered a risk, and dropping the riskier ones can help bring down those rates.

Overall Health- You cannot control every aspect of your medical history. There are certain medical issues that are hard to determine and hard to avoid, however, if you keep any medical issues that you have under control your insurance carrier can take this into account when calculating your insurance rates.

Maintaining a healthier lifestyle is not always easy. It takes effort and some sacrifice, but the personal rewards along with the financial savings when you chose to live healthier are just two of the benefits you will receive.

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